Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Must have this summer?

The Jellies are back :] Remember when you were younger and you used to own like 5 pairs in different colour. I myself used to have purple and pink with a 1inch heel and built in glitter. Ahh those were the days.

Just for kids i hear you say? Think again my fashion follower.

The jellies are back and have been revamped.

Think more gladiator and accesoried jelly, in all differnt shapes and colours.
Dress them up with a beach dress or casual jumpsuit and your ready to rock the beach.
So what do you think of this fashion comeback?
Will you be buying a new modern pair or do you think they should stay in the closet with all your old memories?
A great plave to buy a pair is at the following link
Thanks to my bible, TeenVogue for the pics :]

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